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MaSS database

Since March 2021 I am commissioned with adding wrecks from German waters and beyond to a global database on historic wrecksites.

New review on the Schlachte Wreck

In this review I discuss Manfred Rech’s 2016 book on the Schlachte wreck

BalticRIM final report published

The report can be downloaded as PDF

Graph for the BalticRIM Project

18.11.20. A new graph was presented for the final report of the BalticRIM Project (forthcoming)

Available online now

04.10.20. Itsas Memoria article on: “Bayonese cogs, Genoese carracks, English dromons and Iberian carvels: Tracing technology transfer in medieval Atlantic shipbuilding”

End of the BalticRIM Project

30.09.20.  After 3 years  the Interreg-funded BalticRIM Project is coming to an end. A final report will be released in due course on the project website.

Wreck near Süderoogsand investigated

08.05.20. After the Hörnum Odde wreck this is already the second wreck in Schleswig-Holstein, which has the distinctive features of Dutch shell-first shipbuilding..

Interview with German broadcaster

02.04.20. In early April I was interviewed about a newly discovered shipwreck (in German)

New shipwreck investigated off Hallig Hooge, Germany

12.12.19. An interim report has been published on a half-carvel construction from the early 17th century

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