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The Nordic clinker boat traditions are inscribed on the UNESCO list for the intangible cultural heritage (15.12.21)

I am personally very pleased about this announcement, as I have owned three clinker-built boats (cf. traditional sailing/ my boats)

Dutch newsletter report on the Hörnum Odde and Süderoogsand wrecks

The “Double Dutch” wrecks from Schleswig-Holstein are featured in the 2021/4 newsletter issue of the Dutch Heritage Agency (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed).

New publication on the Hörnum Odde wreck (ca. 1690)

This wreck has just been published in English in the proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Boat & Ship Archaeology (Marseille, 2018)

In planning: international conference on shipwrecks in the intertidal zone

We are currently in the process of drafting a list of speakers and fundraising for this planned conference, which shall take place at the IMMH.

Launching my Caledonia Yawl AURORA

…and sailing her on the Schlei Fjord for the first time

MaSS database

Since March 2021 I am commissioned with adding wrecks from German waters and beyond to a global database on historic wrecksites.

New review on the Schlachte Wreck

In this review I discuss Manfred Rech’s 2016 book on the Schlachte wreck

BalticRIM final report published

The report can be downloaded as PDF

Graph for the BalticRIM Project

18.11.20. A new graph was presented for the final report of the BalticRIM Project (forthcoming)

Available online now

04.10.20. Itsas Memoria article on: “Bayonese cogs, Genoese carracks, English dromons and Iberian carvels: Tracing technology transfer in medieval Atlantic shipbuilding”

End of the BalticRIM Project

30.09.20.  After 3 years  the Interreg-funded BalticRIM Project is coming to an end. A final report will be released in due course on the project website.

Wreck near Süderoogsand investigated

08.05.20. After the Hörnum Odde wreck this is already the second wreck in Schleswig-Holstein, which has the distinctive features of Dutch shell-first shipbuilding..

Interview with German broadcaster

02.04.20. In early April I was interviewed about a newly discovered shipwreck (in German)

New shipwreck investigated off Hallig Hooge, Germany

12.12.19. An interim report has been published on a half-carvel construction from the early 17th century

Interview appearance in ‘The Viking Route’ docutainment trilogy

The amateur film-maker and sailing enthusiast Claus Aktoprak produced a docutainment about the Valdemarian itinerary, for which I was interviewed.

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