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In this section some shipwrecks are showcased in which research I was involved as the responsible archaeologist (1), in which I participated as diver (2) or to which research I contributed in the post-excavation phase (3).


  • (3) Interpreting 12th-century ship-timbers salvaged from the Bay of Matsalu as part of a case study of my doctoral thesis, 2016.
  • (3) Contextualising the Maasilinn wreck of around 1550 as past of a case study in my doctoral thesis, 2016.


  • (1) A Scandinvian-style clinker-built wreck around 1400 from the City of Bremen, excavated in 2007.
  • (1) Wreck-fragments of a ‘Half Carvel’ of around 1510 at Japsand, an outer shoal of the island of Hooge, investigated in 2017.
  • (1) The wreck of a ‘Double Dutch’ construction of around 1640 at Süderoogsand, investigated in 2020.
  • (1) The wreck of a ‘Duble Dutch’ construction of around 1690 on the island of Sylt, investigated in 2016.
  • (2) Participation in an underwater excavation of the Swedish warship HEDVIG SOPHIA of 1715 as guest diver in 2010.


  • (2) Participation in an underwater survey of a late medieval wreck discovered in the former Vistula estuary in 2010.
  • (2) Contribution to a deterioration study in 2010: wood samples were fastened to the wreck of the Swedish warship SOLEN sunk 1627 in the Bay of Gdansk.


  • (3) Contextualisation of the Kuggmaren wreck of 1215, a bottom-based construction in the Jungfruskär, Stockholm Archipelago, as part of my doctoral thesis published in 2016.
  • (3) Contribution to the orlop-deck survey of VASA (a Swedish warship of 1628) in 2009.
  • (2) Participation in the underwater survey of the shipwrecks of the British brig SEVERN and the Swedish brig MARGARETA in the Stockholm Archipelago in 2003.

United Kingdom

  • (2) Participation in an underwater training excavation of a medieval shipwreck in Axmouth, Devon, in 2005.