Schleswig, Germany
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Nordic yacht ‘GRÖNLAND’

In 2007 I had the opportunity to join GRÖNLAND’s crew for a trip to Norway. GRÖNLAND is the oldest German museum ship in active service and was built in 1867 in Skånevik for the first German North Polar Expedition of 1868 under Captain Koldewey and the leadership of the geographer Dr. August Petermann. The research vessel reached the northernmost latitude (81° 45’ N) ever verified for a ship under sails. Our trip did not bring as that far north, but to the place of the vessel’s historic shipyard. Our voyage started calmly, accompanied by a herd of porpoises in the early moring watch. But this was the calm before the storm, and many were struck down by sea-sickness for the rest of the voyage. Finally we reached more sheltered waters and explored the labyrinth-like fjords and beautiful Norwegian towns.