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19.8.22. Conference website launched: ‘Shipwrecks in the Intertidal Zone’ (Hamburg, 18.-20.11.22)
29.7.22. Advisory role in the European Commission’s EMDM-project ‘Marine Spaces – Planning / Culture / Climate’ (MS-PCC)
22.5.22. Presentation of the interim results of my wreck research in the Wadden Sea at the “In Poseidon’s Realm XXVII” conference on ‘Maritime Landscapes’ in Pula, Croatia (Photo: Massimo Capulli)
14.4.22. DFG-grant received: International conference “Shipwrecks in the Intertidal Zone” (Nov. 2022) will take place as planned
8.4.22. Guest lecture about my wreck  research at Koç University’s Maritime Archaeology Research Center (Istanbul)
6.3.22. Süderoogsand shipwrecks documented after exposed by storm
21.2.22. Call for Papers for the planned volume: ‘The Intertidal Shipwreck:
Management of a Historic Resource
in an Unmanageable Environment’ 
20.1.22. New research published: a multi-coil frequency-domain electromagnetic survey of a wreck in the intertidal zone (open access)
15.12.21. The Nordic clinker boat traditions are inscribed on the UNESCO list for the intangible cultural heritage
4.11.21. Dutch newsletter report on the Hörnum Odde and Süderoogsand wrecks published
12.7.21. New publication on the Hörnum Odde wreck (ca. 1690) in the ISBSA 15 proceedings
16.9.21. In planning: international conference on shipwrecks in the intertidal zone
Aug. 21. Launching my Caledonia Yawl AURORA
1.3.21. Since March I am a contributing editor to the MaSS database of the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency
Feb. 21. New review on the Schlachte Wreck published
BalticRIM final report published
4.10.20. Available online now: ‘Bayonese cogs, Genoese carracks, English dromons and Iberian carvels: Tracing technology transfer in medieval Atlantic shipbuilding’
30.9.20. The end of the BalticRIM Project
8.5.20. Wreck near Süderoogsand investigated
2.4.20. Interview with a German broadcaster on a newly discovered wreck
12.12.19. New shipwreck investigated off Hallig Hooge, Germany

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