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by Dr. Daniel Zwick


17.01.24 | UPF-volume recommended for publication by reviewers

The volume “The Intertidal Shipwreck: Management of a Historic Resource in an Unmanageable Environment” co-edited by Jennifer Jones, Calvin Mires and myself was recommended for publication by the series editors.

08.06.23 | MS-PPC website launched (Erasmus+ programme)

The Marine Spaces – Planning / Culture / Climate (MS-PCC) programme is a two-stage effort to build a Joint MSc in Sustainable Ocean Management that integrates training in Maritime Cultural Heritage, Marine Spatial Planning, and Climate Science.

01.05.23 | Freelancing as offshore archaeologist

Due to a growing demand for an archaeological watching brief on UXO clearance campaigns, I have expanded my portfolio and started to offer my services as an offshore archaeologist.

19.08.22 | Conference website

The website of the conference “Shipwrecks in the Intertidal Zone” has been launched, which I am co-organising and managing on behalf of the State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein.

09.04.22 | SPIEGEL-coverage

The challenges encountered in documenting Süderoog’s maritime cultural heritage by Holger Spreer and myself was highlighted in a 2-page SPIEGEL article.

08.04.22 | Guest lecture at Koç University (Istanbul)

At the invitation of Prof. Matthew Harpster, director of the Koç University’s Mustafa V. Koç Maritime Archaeology Research Center (KUDAR), I presented my recent wreck research at KUDAR’s campus as invited speaker.

06.03.22 | Süderoogsand wrecks investigated

Interim report on my investigation of historic shipwrecks on the outer shoal of Süderoogsand (one of the three North Frisian barrier islands) shortly after their exposure by a storm.

20.01.22 | Co-published an article about a geophysical wreck survey

entitled: “Multi-Coil FD-EMI in Tidal Flat Areas: Prospection and Ground Truthing at a 17th Century Wooden Ship WreckageMulti-Coil FD-EMI in Tidal Flat Areas: Prospection and Ground Truthing at a 17th Century Wooden Ship Wreckage”

30.08.21 | Cooperation with the Dutch heritage agency

Between March and August 2021 I contributed to the shipwreck-database “MaSS” of the ‘Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed’ as freelance editor. 

MaSS shipwreck database

30.07.21 | Hörnum Odde wreck published in the ISBSA-proceedings

My article about a late 17th-century wreck built with a double-planked ‘Dutch-flush’ technique was published in the ISBSA-proceedings.

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A sailing expedition in the Stockholm archipelago in 2010

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