Schleswig, Germany
+49 (0)151 5054 6144


My name is Dr. Daniel Zwick and my work and passion is the maritime cultural heritage

As native-born Hamburger, I became interested in maritime history in my early youth and started to sail on tall ships and, more recently, on my own clinker-built traditional boats. After my specialisation in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton, I worked on rescue excavations in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany, while I was simultaneously volunteering for the German Society for the Promotion of Underwater Archaeology (DEGUWA). I was also involved in various underwater archaeological projects in Cyprus, England, Poland, Scotland and Sweden as diver and archaeologist. After my doctorate at the University of Kiel, I started working for the State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein (ALSH), inter alia as research associate in a Baltic Sea project with the aim to integrate the maritime cultural heritage into spatial planning. On the sideline, I also documented post-medieval shipwrecks that have become unearthed as a consequence of coastal erosion and storms. Currently, I am writing a research grant application on behalf of the ALSH, which would allow me to continue my research activities in this field.