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2022 | Shipwrecks in the Intertidal Zone (Hamburg)

This conference is under planning, organised by the regional historian Prof. Dr. Oliver Auge and myself. We are currently in the process of fundraising and drafting a list of speakers. The conference has an interdisciplinary focus, involving the fields of archaeology, history, museums, cultural heritage management and marine geomorphology, dealing with the practicalities of wreck research, methods & technology in the challenging tidal environment, the legal protection as well as environmental threats to the in situ protection. Similtaneously, narratives connected to wrecksites are highly relevant, e.g. testimonies of survivors, wreckers and beachcombers, local myths, and the public engagement with the sites today through public outreach and museums.

In the light of a growing number of spectacular wreck discoveries in tidal foreshore areas all over the globe, like in Wales, GermanySpain, Portugal, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand (to name only few examples), we feel this would be a highly topical conference, which would facilitate an exchange of ideas across different disciplines.

This 2-day conference shall take place on 18.-20. November 2022 in the International Maritime Museum of Hamburg (IMMH). Hamburg would be a perfect setting for a maritime-themed conference, with regard to the (reasonably) recent opening of the International Maritime Museum Hamburg in the Speicherstadt, the world-largest warehouse disctrict (built 1883-1927) which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015, as well as the ongoing establishment of the Hamburg Port Museum with the four-masted barque PEKING (built 1911), which was recently brought from New York to Hamburg.