Schleswig, Germany
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since 2016 | Shipwrecks of the North Frisian Wadden Sea

cover image: The wreck of the Spanish barque ULPIANO (1870) in front of the Süderoogsand beacon (Photo: Hendrik Brunckhorst)

Since 2016 I carry out research of postmedieval wrecks on behalf of the State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein. At the moment I am writing a research grant application to carry out further research and to publish the wrecks properly.

The following wrecks are part of this project, which is still in planning. Several interim reports have been published already:

  • The Hörnum Odde wreck of ca. 1690, discovered in 2016 on Sylt
  • The Japsand wreckage of ca. 1609, discovered 2017 near Hallig Hooge
  • The Süderoogsand wreck of ca. 1733, discovered 2020 near Hallig Süderoog
  • Another unknown wooden wreck of the Süderoogsand, likewise discovered in 2020, but not investigated yet
Documenting the first wreck off Japsand in February 2017 (© ALSH)
Overview map of the recently discovered and other known postmedieval wrecks at Schleswig-Holstein’s west coast (© Daniel Zwick and a modified base map by the LKN.SH)